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Though it’s only mid-February, today the sun is out and the temperature has risen to double-digits. Better yet, the crocuses have come up in the park! I was going through old files earlier this week and came across some of the poems I wrote years ago. “Calendar” is one which seems perfect to share on… Continue reading Calendar

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Play with words

Play with words Toy with words and you play with fire Gather memories like moss and kindling Quartz against quartz, ideas friction and spark Wisp of smoke is a portent Gather memories like moss and kindling Focus thought to a pinpoint through the lens of time Wisp of smoke is a portent Soon we will… Continue reading Play with words

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Carrier Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon Bird Lady has tossed her breads. Clay pigeons, come leave your beds time to stuff stool pigeon heads! Dockyard pigeons, homing too from bridge girders and the zoo Pigeon Forgers, drop by, do! Pigeon-chested, pigeon-toed pigeon-heated by the road… full tums all—that is the goad. © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)… Continue reading Carrier Pigeon

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pulse “Music to me is like breathing— I don’t get tired of breathing, I don’t get tired of music” - Ray Charles music is the moon-pull of the blood it snares the heartbeat in hypnotic rhythms of smoky blue jazz it snares the heartbeat with swaying taproots of smokin’ hot jazz while husky voices croon… Continue reading pulse

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Spring’s Nuptials (NPM ’16-Day 18)

Spring’s Nuptials White cherry blossoms line and canopy the street decorated aisle Dance under blossoms air drifting with confetti distant cars honk horns Trees put on spring green over fading pink petals tired blooms in drifts © 2016  by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ************ The topic of sakura (flowering cherry blossoms) on Wonderopolis, paired… Continue reading Spring’s Nuptials (NPM ’16-Day 18)

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January sunrise

Walk in day's first light to a wild chorus of birds sky grows more intense surroundings come alive as we stroll under milkshake clouds © 2015 by V. Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ************** On clear days it's so encouraging to see the sky begin to light up as early as 7:15. Spring is on the… Continue reading January sunrise

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Pose Frozen in precarious leap balanced on chair-leg tilt— push that chair! Engineer a Photoshop escape. ******************** Yesterday's prompt at Poetic Asides was an ekphrastic poem, based on a photo. We were given four photo choices on the site, or invited to use our own. The shadorma, above, is based on one of the suggested… Continue reading Pose

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COMPLAINT Women’s work is never done... The burner rings are caked with overflow. Is there anything to eat? Mom, there are no clean socks. The burner rings are caked with overflow. Is that a spider’s trapeze swaying from the ceiling? Mom, there are no clean socks, and We’re running out of milk. Is that a… Continue reading Complaint

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Bullied Abecedarium

Bullied Abecedarium Alone now I am bullied, bruised, battered crushed, crying, closed for love. Don’t look at me. Even my Facebook friends are fiends. Go away so I can hurt myself. I hate myself— I am an idiot, there is no justice for me just kicks, no love just more menacing messages. Never thought one,… Continue reading Bullied Abecedarium