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Five Cinquains

I wasn’t going to join in on Poetry Friday today, then went to Linda’s roundup, found her post on Adelaide Crapsey and the cinquain form, and decided to put something up after all. The cinquain is one of the short forms I’ve written in when composing poems in response to the daily photography prompts I’ve… Continue reading Five Cinquains

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Tax Time (NPM ’16-Day 22)

Tax Time Number crunches reconciliations… what I need when I must do my taxes. Quicken holds my numbers generates report for neighbourhood accountant—tax time good friend. Boxes all filled in right? Have faith in tax person. Rebate in bank account proves we’re all done! © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) Photo: Pixabay.com

Cinquain, Form poems, Personal

Mother Speaks (NPM ’16-Day 19)

Mother Speaks Do not throw it away, we’ll use it for patches. We can always eat bread—and eggs. Na-yo.* Are you reading again? Still not done the dishes? You could always weed the garden. Homework? Early. So much to do. I’ll be in the garden. Don’t be listening on the line. Felt pens! Can you… Continue reading Mother Speaks (NPM ’16-Day 19)


Doodling Supper (NPM ’16-Day 10)

I love how Robert Brewer describes a “doodle poem” in his April 8th prompt: “So for a poem, I’m thinking this could start off as something small that stays small or builds to epic proportions.” On reading this prompt, almost at once I thought of cooking a meal. It may start leisurely enough but inevitably… Continue reading Doodling Supper (NPM ’16-Day 10)

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Spring journal

Spring has sprung and every day something new pops!  My camera has been busy. I take photos on our morning walks and often write briefly about what I've seen later as a sort of nature diary. Today, three recent entries… Winter / Spring Winter's grudge farewell via two-faced Rain (under grey nourishes change) Spring's hallelujah… Continue reading Spring journal

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Full Moon Almanac

Full Moon Almanac Wolf Moon lights snow-blue fields embossed with paw print trails to where January ghosts howl Ice Moon Snow Moon February’s bluster winds heap white dunes We’ve stocked the cupboard full against Storm Moon Worm Moon March’s wiggly trails of melt, then Crust Moon Spring so white and pure we call her Chaste… Continue reading Full Moon Almanac

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Beach day

Beach day Sand-warmed intimate air drifts sunscreen, hot dogs, kelp sun-mellowed, anticipating fireworks -Violet Nesdoly *************** I love, love, love summer! Happy summer mornings, afternoons, and evenings to all who read here. This poem is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference.