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Take words … (#BibleJournaling)

In my personal Bible reading, I’ve been following The Bible Project’s reading plan. I’m now in the prophets, and what a lot of beautiful, poetic, and picturesque passages they contain! Last week Hosea 14:2-4 snagged my attention: “Take words with you, And return to the LORD. Say to Him, ‘Take away all iniquity; Receive us… Continue reading Take words … (#BibleJournaling)

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Play with words

Play with words Toy with words and you play with fire Gather memories like moss and kindling Quartz against quartz, ideas friction and spark Wisp of smoke is a portent Gather memories like moss and kindling Focus thought to a pinpoint through the lens of time Wisp of smoke is a portent Soon we will… Continue reading Play with words

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Words i ubiquitous as water, find words on cereal boxes, cracker wraps this pencil, this keyboard shoes, underwear beside the road, on your stove TV remote, light bulb in the speech cloud above my head the thought bubble above yours ii words have texture and heft substance, power and cleft they sing and ring cling… Continue reading Words