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Let Christmas Come

Christmas lights in Douglas Park this year, photographed after a snowfall a few weeks ago. On this day before Christmas Eve, I wish all who read here a Christmas filled with love, warmth, light, family, friendship, and health. Let Christmas Come Let strings of rainbows ringing patios,and radiant pearls outlining roofsblink into the twilight. Let… Continue reading Let Christmas Come

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Heat Wave

Here, on the west coast of Canada, we’re experiencing a heat wave. At 3:15 p.m. Monday (June 28) I took a photo of the thermometer in the shade at our front door. I read it at 43C which converts to 109.4F. That felt blistering hot for us! And because we don't have air conditioning everything… Continue reading Heat Wave

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Words i ubiquitous as water, find words on cereal boxes, cracker wraps this pencil, this keyboard shoes, underwear beside the road, on your stove TV remote, light bulb in the speech cloud above my head the thought bubble above yours ii words have texture and heft substance, power and cleft they sing and ring cling… Continue reading Words

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fog penetrates cold through jackets bites into boots and gloves grips bones greedy for more breathes on windows slips under doors muffles traffic’s roar with cotton batting drivers grope through the tulle maneuver cautious past blurred landscapes strain to see crimson pinpricks ahead standards looming green, yellow, red weakens under distant globe like consciousness after… Continue reading fog

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Appetite Affair

Appetite Affair Adore apples Bewitched by bread Charmed by chocolate Delight in doughnuts Esteem eggs Fall for fajitas Go for grapefruit Hold hamburger in high regard Idolize ice-cream Just crave jam Kiss kasha goodbye Love lava cakes Mad for muffins Nibble noodles Over head and ears in love with olives Passionate about peanut butter Quest… Continue reading Appetite Affair

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Full Moon Almanac

Full Moon Almanac Wolf Moon lights snow-blue fields embossed with paw print trails to where January ghosts howl Ice Moon Snow Moon February’s bluster winds heap white dunes We’ve stocked the cupboard full against Storm Moon Worm Moon March’s wiggly trails of melt, then Crust Moon Spring so white and pure we call her Chaste… Continue reading Full Moon Almanac

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Leisure these days

I've been keeping up with the November Poem-A-Day poetry prompts at Poetic Asides. Yesterday's was  "Talk back to a dead poet. Choose a poem you like by a poet who is no longer living and offer a rebuttal." I chose the poem "Leisure" by W. H. Davies (1871-1940). Here is the original: Leisure What is… Continue reading Leisure these days