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What can you do with a bathtub?

Bathtub seat


Bathtub is the perfect place
wash your elbows, hair and face

When the shower lever’s on
grit and sweat are quickly gone

You could also use your tub
wash your puppy or your cub

Fill with water and it floats
fleet of origami boats

Giant vat for washing blinds
stamping grapes and making wine

Soak your dirty pots and dishes
Make a home for tropic fishes

When you know without a doubt
bathtub’s wrecked and all worn out

trash truck loads it with a thump
takes it to the local dump

for retired tub retool
mouse’s rink or swimming pool

– Violet Nesdoly


I wrote this poem a few years ago in response to a writing prompt. It’s fun to compose ode-like verses about objects. I was going to do a whole series, but never got past writing three or four. (Oh well, at least I have those few!)

This poem is submitted to Poetry Friday, hosted this week by the lovely Betsy at Teaching Young Writers. Oops a correction… hosted by the über-talented Amy at The Poem Farm.



13 thoughts on “What can you do with a bathtub?”

  1. Violet, This is so much fun. Excellent skill and craft-womanship. What were the other two ode-like poems you wrote? Are they posted somewhere on your blog? Would you like us to make other suggestions for topics? I think a book of ode-like poems could be lots of fun for children. Thank you for sharing this poem.


  2. Love this one, Violet. I am a big fan of tubs for many things. I do think you should resurrect your idea of a series of ode poems.


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