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Readers—your very best friends

While going down an internet bunny trail a few days ago I came across a blog post by writer Kristene Kathryn Rusch. Here are a few of her words worth engraving on the walls of our little writerly hearts:

I believe each reader is very, very important, whether they buy through Sales Channel A or get the book from the library. Readers build word of mouth. Word of mouth attracts more readers. More readers build sales.

…Value all of your readers—the ones who buy your books as well as the ones who borrow them from libraries or from friends. Readers who borrow generally become readers who buy. Even if they don’t become readers who buy, they will probably recommend your book to someone who will buy a copy. Or they’ll demand that their library order a copy for the shelves. Your readers are your greatest ally and your very best friend.” – Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

Read all of “This Business Rusch: No Reader Left Behind”

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