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Homophoems (oh groan!)

be writingOn Monday Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect posted the Homophoem Poetry Stretch challenge (via J. Patrick Lewis). The task: write a two- to ten-line poem using at least one homophone. (Homophones, in case you’ve forgotten, are words that share the same pronunciation but differ in meaning.)

I’ve been writing them all week! What fun (although they do often bring on the groaning response one would get from a pun). Here are a few:


I snuck some cookies,
ate them in bed.
Mom found the crumbs—
my face was read.

– Violet Nesdoly © 2014 All rights reserved



I’m trying out new morning food
Alpha bits, Bran and Cheerios.
Each week I buy a different box
of breakfast food in serial.

– Violet Nesdoly © 2014 All rights reserved


Rabbit Boutique

Luxe de lapin has most unique
accessories for rabbits:
lettuce truffles, thumper pads
baubles of many carrots.

– Violet Nesdoly © 2014 All rights reserved


Lover’s promise

I’ll come for you by morning
or noon or dim twilight
and if the day has got away
I’ll come to you by knight.

– Violet Nesdoly © 2014 All rights reserved



The animals cannot be blamed
for feeling a bit confused
by old ram bleating everywhere:
“I love ewe!”

– Violet Nesdoly © 2014 All rights reserved


Poetry Friday LogoAre you up for the Homophoem challenge? I’d love to read yours. Add them to the comments here.

This post is part of Poetry Friday, hosted today by Michelle Barnes (greeting card poet extraordinaire!) at Today’s Little Ditty.

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17 thoughts on “Homophoems (oh groan!)”

  1. Love your homophoems. I must challenge my students. My favorite is the knight in shining armor. You are so clever!


    1. Thanks Margaret! If your students start with a list of homophones–there are websites that have such lists–their creative juices will start flowing for sure. Writing them is fun and can be addictive.


  2. Well done, Violet! I wasn’t sure I even wanted to attempt one after reading kate’s, but I did, and shared it on their page and on my blog. But I only did one – how you came up with this many so quickly is mind-boggling to me!


  3. These are wonderful, Violet.I really like the ‘serial’ project. I wish I’d seen Tricia’s challenge and will go to look. It’s rough, but here’s mine-fun to try!
    Wide stares as my sons
    walked up the stairs
    and louder grew my groan
    when I saw there
    their pants rose higher
    because again they’d grown.


  4. Busted and Lover’s Promise are my favorites! I tried and tried to write one, but I couldn’t get that punchline ending down. You nailed yours! Three cheers!!


    1. Thanks Mary! I think you have to get into a certain mindset to write these. It reminds me of sitting in front of one of those optical illusion-type pictures that changes in front of your eyes as you stare at it.


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