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A birthday poem

Two little people in my family have birthdays this month. I set out a couple of weeks ago, after we’d spent some time with these littles this summer (they live far away from us), to write a birthday poem for each. Well, I got one written, and then a long break and finally last week, wrote the second one. I spent some delicious hours yesterday using Comic Life to combining my writing with photos. Today those poems, mounted on stiff paper, are going in the mail. I’m sharing one with you today. I hope you enjoy this poem for my 6-year-old grandson.

David 1

David 2
“David” © 2015 by Violet Nesdoly (All Rights Reserved)

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14 thoughts on “A birthday poem”

  1. Beautiful, Violet. I love that you did this for your grandchildren. Happy Birthday to David! My middle one is six as well, and so I remind you of Milne’s line, “And now I’m six, and clever as clever, I think I’ll be six forever and ever.” I imagine David will treasure this gift ‘forever and ever’, too.

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    1. Oh Linda I love that: > > “And now I’m six, and clever as clever, I think I’ll be six forever and ever.” >

      I don’t know if these littles want to stay their age, but this grandma would sure love it if life slowed down a little so she could enjoy each stage a bit longer.


    1. Thanks so much Donna, and Tabatha, Mary Lee and, Keri!

      Donna, it’s a terzanelle. I put up another one of those recently and had that form in my head when I decided to write this. (It actually feels a little like cheating because at least a third of the lines are repeats. Then again, you have to give some thought to what’s worth repeating 😉


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