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Welcome Fall!

Today is the Autumnal Equinox–officially the first day of Fall (or Autumn). In honor of the changing season, I give you an ode celebrating one of Fall’s most popular gifts, the handsome and versatile pumpkin. To Pumpkin You kept the new world’shungry pioneers and pilgrims alivewith your soft sweet fleshand nutty seeds,their feet warm with… Continue reading Welcome Fall!

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To Skin

Happy Thanksgiving to our American neighbors! In my search for a poem of gratitude today, I came across “To Skin” (which I wrote some years ago but don’t believe I ever made public—at least not here). It reminds us of one thing we have to be grateful for which, though all around us, is easy… Continue reading To Skin

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A birthday poem

Two little people in my family have birthdays this month. I set out a couple of weeks ago, after we'd spent some time with these littles this summer (they live far away from us), to write a birthday poem for each. Well, I got one written, and then a long break and finally last week,… Continue reading A birthday poem

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What can you do with a bathtub?

Bathtub Bathtub is the perfect place wash your elbows, hair and face When the shower lever’s on grit and sweat are quickly gone You could also use your tub wash your puppy or your cub Fill with water and it floats fleet of origami boats Giant vat for washing blinds stamping grapes and making wine… Continue reading What can you do with a bathtub?