Religious, Spiritual Journey Thursday

RISE – Spiritual Journey (first) Thursday

sjt-2017-graphicIt’s the day for our Spiritual Journey (first) Thursday link-up. Today we focus on Leigh Anne’s one-little-word for 2017—RISE.

What Could RISE mean in my day-to-day life, I asked myself as I considered what to write. I quickly realized RISE is a very versatile word with lots of meanings and ways I regularly encourage myself to rise, from physically getting up in the morning, to rising emotionally and mentally for social occasions, to meditating on spiritual beliefs that recall and anticipate resurrection.

I put some of the ways one can RISE (or try to) into the poem below. It includes activities I take part in during a typical week.

Image: Pixabay


A Monday word—RISE!
Throw off weekend’s quilt.
Duty calls. To work!

A Tuesday word, RISE
early to pray into God’s

RISE—a Wednesday word
absorb, learn, grow, reach out, love
sisters of my heart.

RISE—a Thursday word
of writing, posting, caring
in community.

On Friday RISE
with dust rag, mop, water can.
Homes need love too.

On Saturday RISE
bread, soufflé, muffins, scones
to nurture and feed.

RISE—a Sunday word
of resurrection, hope, a
future past the grave.

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)


Now I’m eager to see what others have written about “Rise.” Please join me in visiting the link-up at Leigh Anne’s blog: Turn.

17 thoughts on “RISE – Spiritual Journey (first) Thursday”

  1. Rise its officially
    your time to shine

    Rise and shake off all
    that has been holding you

    Rise and show people how
    blessed you are….;
    rise for those against you
    to see you, for it will take them
    so much more to keep you from

    rise for its officially your time to rise.

    (its not perfect but just thought i do one also and i Love your piece )


    1. Thank you, MindfulEdward! Your piece is inspiring. I love these lines: “Rise and show people how / blessed you are” and “rise for those against you.” That takes a lot of grace and faith. I hope you have a wonderful rise-up day!

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  2. Violet, a week in a glance focusing on the word rise is clever. The Sunday word of rise dealing with resurrection and hope made me smile. During the entire week of everyday tasks, it is great to reflect on specifics that make our thoughts soar. Have a great Thursday of bonding with community.


  3. Rise is a word for everyday. My favorite, of course, is Sunday, but I also love how rise plays into every day of the week.


  4. Your poem of the ways that rise is manifest throughout the week is delightful. My favorites Monday and Sunday. I love the image of throwing off the weekend quilt when duty calls and we head off to work. And Sunday’s hope of life beyond the grave – a fitting ending for the week.


  5. Wow, Violet, I really love what you have done with this, reminding us that we can rise anytime! I think your Monday stanza is how I most think of rise… and also how a house needs love too. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your unique and wonderful self with us. xo


  6. What a fun way to approach this idea of rising. I might like to spend a week with you. It’s feels full and satisfying. It’s funny how even though I’ve only met you once, I miss you.


    1. Thanks, Dori! How sweet. (If you were in the neighbourhood, I would rise up and take an exercise class from you! I need someone with grace and patience.) It was fun thinking through the week with RISE in mind.



  7. I love how you have found RISE in the ordinary and the extraordinary of your day. I have thought about for each month, but now this makes me want to take it to a new level. Thank you for sharing your words with my OLW this month!


    1. Thank you, Leigh Anne! Your word was fun to work with. And what a great word it is for the challenging circumstances you described in your post. Bless you as you continue to RISE in all kinds of ways.



  8. Violet, what a delightful days-of-the-week poem! It resonated with me! When I was growing up, I could tell the day of the week by my mother’s activities. It also made me think of “Ma Dear’s Aprons” a picture book by Patricia C. McKissack. Without a doubt, Sunday is my favorite!


  9. It’s taken me a while to get around, but…here I am! Great way to look at Rise each day of the week.
    There are so many ways to honor this word. Thanks for sharing yours!


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