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“Of the Father’s Love Begotten”

Though we’re just starting December the First Sunday of Advent is already past and Christmas is in the air. Sarah Arthur’s Light upon Light (a book of readings for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany) recalled the beautiful song “Of the Father’s Love Begotten.” I first heard “Of the Father’s Love Begotten” sung by the Amadeus Children's… Continue reading “Of the Father’s Love Begotten”

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Pivot night

  Pivot Night Under ancient curse Ushered through canal of pain Tiny, pink, squalling History pivots, the night Yahweh incarnates the Star © 2015 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *************** The daughter of my friend is in labor right now. And so my mind keeps drifting, this Christmas Eve day, to the ignominy of… Continue reading Pivot night

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“Hush, now listen…”

I love old Christmas songs. I love new ones too, especially ones that are written by poet / musicians like Carolyn Arends. A year ago Arends brought out a new Christmas album, Christmas: The Story of Stories. I enjoyed it then and continue to give it lots of play time this year. On it Arends… Continue reading “Hush, now listen…”

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Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake November or early December is the time to start on this year’s Christmas cake Pour several cups of sweet anticipation into a large bowl - the first snowfall when we hauled out the Christmas records - all the dolls in the Sear's catalogue - paint smells from the basement cut in a pound… Continue reading Christmas Cake

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A Chistmas Prayer

  A Christmas Prayer Bring the Christmas life into our lives. Don’t let the hustle-hurry steal our joy the cashier lineups, traffic jams annoy. Flood us with peace till Christmas day arrives. Help us to hear the words of Christmas songs and let them calm us in the busy throngs. When beggars hold out hands,… Continue reading A Chistmas Prayer

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Advent in poetry

A few years ago, my friend Laurel realized that Christmas would never be the way she remembered it or the way she was acccustomed to celebrating it. Her two kids (with autism spectrum disorder) couldn't handle the upheaval and stimuli. The family had to cut way back on decorating, gift-giving, traveling, eating… The story of… Continue reading Advent in poetry

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Bells Across the Snow

Bells Across the Snow O Christmas, merry Christmas, Is it really come again, With its memories and greetings, With its joy and with its pain! There's a minor in the carol And a shadow in the light, And a spray of cypress twining With the holly wreath tonight. And the hush is never broken By… Continue reading Bells Across the Snow

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Winter blossoms

Winter blossoms In the verdant season under sun’s bright ray in its warm expanding light trees flower by day. In the other season of cold and fading light pines and cedars, trunks and twigs bloom at break of night. © 2014 by V. Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

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Deck the streets

Deck the streets Deck the streets with boughs of holly Christmas trees and Santas jolly stars and wise men in the night guided to the King of light. © 2014 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved.   ************* We caught sight of these city workers putting up Christmas lights on our walk this morning… and… Continue reading Deck the streets