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The humour of Ms. Google

Just over a week ago hubby and I returned from an autumn holiday. It involved a fair bit of driving in places altogether unfamiliar to us as we explored Canada’s maritime provinces: Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick. To avoid having to navigate with my head buried in a map, I prepared for the trip… Continue reading The humour of Ms. Google

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Fall Semester

Fall Semester I plod toward the culmination of a summer of study and planning lugging a stone-boat of handouts, lessons and lectures. Responsibilities blinker me from distraction. Urged and directed by the reins of conscientiousness it’s Giddy-up and Go till November when, unbuckled from this harness I again get to frolic in the meadow of… Continue reading Fall Semester

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Leisure these days

I've been keeping up with the November Poem-A-Day poetry prompts at Poetic Asides. Yesterday's was  "Talk back to a dead poet. Choose a poem you like by a poet who is no longer living and offer a rebuttal." I chose the poem "Leisure" by W. H. Davies (1871-1940). Here is the original: Leisure What is… Continue reading Leisure these days