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Only a month from Valentine’s Day!

Can you believe we’re already almost halfway through January? Have you done any dreaming or planning for the year ahead? I finally got to setting down some intentions and goals last weekend. I know many pooh-pooh this new year tradition. Not I! Even the roughest road map helps me feel more purposeful and confident that… Continue reading Only a month from Valentine’s Day!


January, February

January, February It's January, all must change my resolutions cry it! I'll clean the cupboards, shine the glass completely change my diet. The constant list of things I need has changed from Christmas treats to organizers, storage boxes, and a set of sheets. It’s February, nothing's changed the bathroom scales decry it (that frozen stash… Continue reading January, February

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Read the Bible in 2013

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to read the Bible in 2013? Would you like to read through the entire book (or, more accurately, the library of 66 books)? Or maybe you're not that ambitious. Whatever your goal, there's a Bible reading plan for you. Below is a list for you to look over… Continue reading Read the Bible in 2013