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The Fourth Kingdom (review)

I decided to spend some time this summer reading just for fun. The "Fiction" folder on my Kindle has been a great source of books for this. I download Kindle editions throughout the year when they catch my eye for whatever reason. When I get around to reading them, I often don't remember when I… Continue reading The Fourth Kingdom (review)

15 words or less poems, Poetry Friday

Katniss’s Dilemma

Katniss's Dilemma Dentist's office? Therapy gym? Or Capitol creation that tears limb from limb? © 2013 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *************** In the land of Panem, it's not only the Hunger Games arena that is hazardous with booby traps! This is my response to Laura Purdie Salas's 15-words-or-less image/poem challenge ("Man or Machine?) … Continue reading Katniss’s Dilemma