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Appetite Affair

artisan flatbread
“Bewitched by bread”

Appetite Affair

Adore apples
Bewitched by bread
Charmed by chocolate
Delight in doughnuts
Esteem eggs
Fall for fajitas
Go for grapefruit
Hold hamburger in high regard
Idolize ice-cream
Just crave jam
Kiss kasha goodbye
Love lava cakes
Mad for muffins
Nibble noodles
Over head and ears in love with olives
Passionate about peanut butter
Quest for quesadillas
Relish raspberries
Sweet on salsa
True to tomatoes
Unfaithful to upside-down cake
Venerate vegetables
Welcome waffles
X a meal? Never!
Yearn for yogurt
Zealous for zucchini

Ā© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly

poetry+friday+button+-+fulllThis is pure silliness. I wrote it for the prompt of “love” during the 2010 November poem-a-day challenge.

This poem is submitted to Poetry Friday, hosted today by the very Etsy, I mean artsy Robyn Hood Black.

24 thoughts on “Appetite Affair”

    1. Why thank you, Jama! I just saw your name and thought, oh man, I could butter up Jama even more by changing the “peaches” in P to “peanut butter.” I’m doing it–just in honour of you, you fabulous foodie.


  1. I appreciate the quest for quesadillas although my wife would suggest queso instead. This is wildly creative and a great poem to share with students.


    1. Good! Does our love affair with food ever end? It’s a wonder we’re not all as big as houses!!

      And all the best on your artsy ventures. I love what you’re doing!


  2. Just great, Violet. I have written a couple of alphabet poems where each word follows the alphabet. It’s fun, but not so easy. I always like the way you choose such good words. Amy L-V said today she loved shopping at the word store. I would say you found a very nice shop!


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