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Bullied Abecedarium

Bullied Abecedarium Alone now I am bullied, bruised, battered crushed, crying, closed for love. Don’t look at me. Even my Facebook friends are fiends. Go away so I can hurt myself. I hate myself— I am an idiot, there is no justice for me just kicks, no love just more menacing messages. Never thought one,… Continue reading Bullied Abecedarium

Abecedarium, light, Poetry Friday

Appetite Affair

Appetite Affair Adore apples Bewitched by bread Charmed by chocolate Delight in doughnuts Esteem eggs Fall for fajitas Go for grapefruit Hold hamburger in high regard Idolize ice-cream Just crave jam Kiss kasha goodbye Love lava cakes Mad for muffins Nibble noodles Over head and ears in love with olives Passionate about peanut butter Quest… Continue reading Appetite Affair