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Concession (for now)

A few weeks ago Ed DeCaria announced that the March Madness poetry competition would be back with a new name (Madness! Poetry) and a new website ( At that time he put out the call for poets to audition to be an authlete in the competition.

One part of the audition was to write an original poem to this setup:

Imagine winning five consecutive matchups to reach the Madness! Poetry Finals, then losing to your opponent in a close and controversial final round. Write a concession poem to be shared with your imaginary opponent upon her/his victory. It can be kind, mean, funny, defiant … whatever.

Well, I wrote the poem but then decided to keep my hat out of the ring and not enter. However, all is not wasted. Now that entries are closed, I will share my poem of concession as today’s Poetry Friday offering.

A Pun-kin Shake

Concession (for now)

I see that I am bested
and I accept my fate
but give me just another year
and I am sure I’ll rate.

Twelve months of rhythmic exercise
of jogging iambs, spondees
of breathing hyperbolic air
a year of pumping ironies.

A diet rich in meataphor
poetic pun-kin shakes
served with sides of organic rye-me
limerick and lime breaks.

spiced with sage and cinnanom
cuplets of pear-ody
joined stickily with enjambment
and stanzaic all-eggory.

On such a regimen, I’m sure
to build poetic muscle.
But now farewell—to get this done
I know I’ll have to hustle.

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All Rights Reserved)

Now I wish all Poetry Friday authletes who will soon be in the heat of Madness! Poetry much agile word-ability!

Here’s the Madness! Poetry Calendar to know when all the action is happening. If this competition runs like it did other years, readers get a chance to vote for their favorite poems and poets!


Poetry Friday LogoThis post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Karen at Karen Edmisten*.


29 thoughts on “Concession (for now)”

  1. Love your “pun-kin shake” and your poem. So clever! So humorous. About “keeping your hat out”… I just read Tara’s post today: I think you’d appreciate it.


  2. Ha! Love your poem, Violet! I didn’t join in this year either. I wasn’t looking forward to pulling all nighters like I did last time. We’ll enjoy it from the sidelines, eh?


    1. Thanks Jane! Does one ever get fully immersed in the poetry world? But I hear what you’re saying. There’s only room for so much madness in one’s life at one time. I’ll bet you’re a real hit with the kids too.



  3. Loved your poem. I felt smart after figuring it out. You might not understand but English is not my first language but I still ‘understood’ (after some research, and digging my nose into my age-old my thesaurus practically your nose red. Thanks a bunch.


  4. What a clever concession poem! I’m sorry you didn’t stay in the game. I did it a few years ago and lost on the first round. It’s just not the kind of poetry I write or feel comfortable with.


  5. I imagine you would have made the entries, Violet with your clever poem. Your “punning” is clever and hard to beat! I’m watching from afar and will love the contest, but other March things are taking my time.


    1. Thanks, Doraine. About the “terribly anxiety provoking” — I can just imagine. One would almost hope to be tossed out in the first round to avoid al the stress. I know i made the right decision.



  6. Oh my goodness, how much fun is that! I love pumping ironies! Ruth,


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