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Fiscal crisis

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Fiscal crisis

This American Sentence is a poem bribe
for a guilt-free evening.
Yesterday’s two-hour walk was payment
for day-before-yesterday’s pan of brownies.
That crocheted afghan is rent
for time in front of the Food Network.
These last two hours
liking all your updates and pages
are paying forward the success
of my current work-in-progress
which isn’t in progress
and so can’t realistically be called a work
because I’m so busy
paying interest on the past
and borrowing from the future.

© 2013 – Violet Nesdoly


This poem is one of my November poem-a-day efforts. It began with the November 16th Poetic Asides prompt:“Use the last line of yesterday’s poem for the first line of today’s poem.”  Thus the first two lines (I broke my American Sentence into two lines) is a repetition of the ‘bribe or trade-off’ poem I had written the day before.
Obviously I had been listening to too much news in November and I see, judging by current headlines, that a fiscal poem is as timely today as it was two months ago.

poetry+friday+button+-+fulllThis poem is submitted to Poetry Friday, hosted this week by the very versatile Matt at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme.

21 thoughts on “Fiscal crisis”

    1. Thanks Linda, I loved those brownies too (actually they were double chocolate cookies that tasted like brownies, and not a whole panful but guilt-inducing nevertheless!).


    1. Thank you Iza. Not sure I understand the economics very well, at least not the national and international economics. My own are a different story. Happy New Year to you!


    1. Thank you so much, BJ! Hopefully this year we’ll all be contentedly working in the black (and not frantically trying to pay for yesterday’s and today’s indulgences).


  1. This is so true, Violet! In addition to the poem’s relation to the U.S. current national fiscal crisis, it speaks to the way we rationalize so many of the things we indulge in and then feel guilty about. Walking two miles pays for the cookies I overate, etc. I love

    “paying forward the success
    of my current work-in-progress
    which isn’t in progress.”



  2. Timely poem and so clever. We so often rationalize our excuses. Love the use of “fiscal” words. I especially relate to the work-in-progress that is not in progress.


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