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Walk the Beach

Walk the Beach Set crickets flying from crabby grass and weeds shimmering on the sandy foreshore. Hop logs of driftwood forest clamber over algae-green rock tricky as black ice. Crunch broken shells jingle the shingle always at an angle. Spring-step spongy blackened sea grass squish onion bulbs of kelp. Take off shoes let soles read… Continue reading Walk the Beach

Cinquain, history, nature, Poetry Friday

Full Moon Almanac

Full Moon Almanac Wolf Moon lights snow-blue fields embossed with paw print trails to where January ghosts howl Ice Moon Snow Moon February’s bluster winds heap white dunes We’ve stocked the cupboard full against Storm Moon Worm Moon March’s wiggly trails of melt, then Crust Moon Spring so white and pure we call her Chaste… Continue reading Full Moon Almanac

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Duck Pond Primary

Duck Pond Primary Crows are campaigning for the abolition of eagles and hawks. Starlings are a pollster’s nightmare can’t make up their minds about anything. Ducks hang around the path in true socialist fashion: Why get ambitious when most walkers carry birdseed or bags of bread? A solitary heron is the pond’s pundit but he… Continue reading Duck Pond Primary