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Solomon’s Seal (NPM ’16-Day 24)

Solomon’s Seal lacy petticoat green leaves bower leggy height cure for many ills texture complements pieris, hostas, roses salve for green-starved eyes © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *************** My sister gave me a Solomon's Seal plant about a year ago. It did well. But when it came up this spring,  I had… Continue reading Solomon’s Seal (NPM ’16-Day 24)

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Spring’s Nuptials (NPM ’16-Day 18)

Spring’s Nuptials White cherry blossoms line and canopy the street decorated aisle Dance under blossoms air drifting with confetti distant cars honk horns Trees put on spring green over fading pink petals tired blooms in drifts © 2016  by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ************ The topic of sakura (flowering cherry blossoms) on Wonderopolis, paired… Continue reading Spring’s Nuptials (NPM ’16-Day 18)

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Spring accessorizes

Spring Accessorizes Winter's grey-brown tweeds sporting gold, ruby pendants ruffles of pearl, pink © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly ************** Spring is unpacking her bags. As usual, they contain things that entice us to snap photos and write poems. I do hope Spring is making similar progress where you live. If not now, then soon! This… Continue reading Spring accessorizes

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one beady eye

I'm back. I haven't posted here in a long time. But it's spring and the sap has started to flow. I took a walk this afternoon and, with my camera, found haiku all over the place. I'll share them over the next while. (Wouldn't want to flood the place with the spring runoff.) But it… Continue reading one beady eye

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Magnolia haiku

************* Despite my accident earlier this spring, I've been getting out for a walk most days. Perhaps the fact that I go more slowly (cane and all) has heightened my enjoyment of spring this year. Many days what I see on my walk becomes the day's poem (especially this April when I've been challenging myself… Continue reading Magnolia haiku

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Photo by Fotolia Lightning fluorescent zig-zags crackles on the radio my heart skips a beat fluorescent blue-white against black-cushion ring box heaven’s diamond fling zig-zags prelude bass rumbles decay to stutters stillness patters rain crackles interfere chamber music percussion bringing storm inside on the stately notes flute, cello and violin static charges crash the rain… Continue reading Lightning

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Cherry blossom time

Cherry Blossom Time Pink spring debutantes ball gown ruffles, froth and lace cherry trees in bloom Strawberry milkshakes line Vancouver avenues cotton candy hair Blush cherry petals one hundred trillion hankies beckoning the bees © 2012 by Violet Nesdoly ********************* It's cherry blossom time in Vancouver. The photo above was one I took last year… Continue reading Cherry blossom time