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A Traveler’s Advisory (review)

A Traveler's Advisory by Marcia Lee Laycock My rating: 5 of 5 stars In A Traveler's Advisory, author Marcia Laycock takes readers from the Arctic Circle to the jungles of Papua New Guinea and home again. Each of the 52 meditations draws spiritual lessons from a travel experience (sections are titled "In the Air," "On… Continue reading A Traveler’s Advisory (review)

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Margaret Simon's one little word PRESENT was fun to explore because of its many meanings. I think I know the meaning of "present" that is giving her inspiration, but maybe not… In writing about it, I chose as my subject a Bible character who demonstrates what being present means to me, even as I used… Continue reading Present

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Love Triangles (review)

Love Triangles, Discovering Jesus the Jew in Today's Israel by Bobbie Ann Cole My rating: 4 of 5 stars In her memoir / travelogue Love Triangles, Bobbie Ann Cole writes about her love affair with Israel. When she and husband Butch move there, it is to fill a six-month time period till their rented property… Continue reading Love Triangles (review)

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Ex-Muslim (review)

Ex-Muslim: How One Daring Prayer to Jesus Changed a Life Forever by Naeem Fazal My rating: 4 of 5 stars Ex-Muslim: How One Daring Prayer to Jesus Changed a Life Forever is the memoir of Naeem Fazal (with co-writer Kitti Murray). In it Fazal tells the story of how he, an ethnic Pakistani from Kuwait,… Continue reading Ex-Muslim (review)

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Evil’s party (guest list)

Evil’s Party (guest list) (after Mark 15) Sir Accusation Miss Envy Madame Bloodthirst (she usually brings a crowd) Count Rebellion & his brother Murderer Governor People-Pleaser The triplets Mockery, Teasing & Making Sport Mr. Violence & sons Hitting Spitting, Scourging and Crucifying Misses Gambling & Greed Sir Sarcasm & Lady Reviling Lord Blasphemy Queen Death… Continue reading Evil’s party (guest list)

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Advent project

I'm excited to be going through Advent with Ann Voskamp's beautiful book The Greatest Gift! It's a Jesse Tree project where each day's reading adds another bit to the story of Jesus' family tree. There are 25 decorations too, one to go with each day's reading (sorry, you have to buy the book to get… Continue reading Advent project

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December prompt: light

In my part of the world December, and Christmas, take place during the darkest part of the year.  Our December days are short, the nights long. Perhaps that's one reason lights are such a big part of our Christmas decor. When I think about the spiritual aspect of Christmas and light, one of the first… Continue reading December prompt: light

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Stopping Words That Hurt (review)

Stopping Words That Hurt: Positive Words in a World Gone Negative by Michael D. Sedler My rating: 4 of 5 stars We all know it’s not a good thing to gossip. But have we ever considered that listening to gossip, negative talk or an “evil report’ about an individual or situation might be just as… Continue reading Stopping Words That Hurt (review)

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Dynamic duo by Laura J. Davis (review)

Come to Me Fictionalizing the story of any Bible character is tricky, but Laura J. Davis chose some of the most sensitive characters when she set out to write Come to Me—the story of Jesus’ life as seen through the eyes of His mother. Mary’s narrative begins with her betrothal to Joseph, and ends after… Continue reading Dynamic duo by Laura J. Davis (review)